Monday, April 06, 2015

Opening Date

We will be opening Friday, April 10.
As we were looking over records from past years, we found that this is only the second year we were not open for Easter.  In past years we have opened for Easter but the weather wasn't on our side and we closed for a number of days. 
If you go by the stand over the next week, we hope, you will see a wonderful change.  Weather permitting, you will see spring colors starting to be put out.  We have pansies, perennials and cole crops that all want to see spring here.
We hope to see you soon

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Opening delay

Sorry we aren't open for Easter this year.  With winter conditions at our front door of our north facing farm stand and predictions of bad weather we decided not to open.  Opening day will be determined soon.
We will be out front preparing to open and we do have pansies ready to see, please feel free to look for us.
Thank you for understanding