Monday, June 08, 2020

Veggies Are Coming!

That’s right folks, we’ve got a plan and we’re about to put it into action.

Here’s what you need to know about vegetable shopping at Smith Farm this year

We will be opening up the interior of the farm stand on Thursday June 18th. But in order to do that we’ll need a couple of days to do a pandemic friendly make-over, so we’re taking 3 days off. We will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday June 15-17. Yes fully closed, even for plant/flower shopping. Sorry for that but it’s hard to get done the sort of work that will need to done without taking this step.

Appointments will continue. We’ll post an updated sign-up sheet with shorter appointments for Veggie shopping. To be clear: starting June 18th appointments will be for veggie shopping ONLY. You will not need an appointment if you are just flower shopping. If you will be visiting both the flower yard and the produce inside, we ask you to make your veggie appointment and try to come before that scheduled time for your plant shopping. And keep in mind we will not have the same room for walk-ins inside the farm stand (telling us you know Tom will not help you get around this problem, haha).

Masks are mandatory. I know, we don’t like them either, but we have many customers with many different lives and we want them all to feel safe and comfortable while here. So when you arrive and check in, we’ll remind you to put on your mask or provide one if you don’t have yours.

Hand washing or gloves will also be mandatory. After putting on your mask we’re insisting that you either visit our hand washing station or put on fresh gloves, which we will provide.

Many products will be pre-bagged. You have seen this tactic at farmers markets where using a scale can slow things down and make the need for small change even greater. So we’re trying a pre-bagging system. Many things will be bagged in to small units. This will prevent the ‘many hands squeezing one tomato’ scenario, thus ensuring the least number of hands on your food. We take all the money. Cash, check and charge are welcome here!


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