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lakewin said...

I was SO HAPPY to see your sign out that you will be open soon. Hope you are all well.
Happy Easter. Lois Walter

z.o.mouna said...

Zerzour Abdelouahab
TL: 0795412935
Oum El Bouaghi 04000 - Algeria

I am Abdelouahab I live in an agricultural region whose inhabitants practice all kinds of agriculture.
Rural life, I find it very pleasant, I prefer it to the rest of the professions because it gives me a feeling of beauty in me and I love working in this area.
I work as a farmer in everything related to farming and raising cattle and orchards, feeding cattle and planting and harvesting and plowing the land .... and harvesting yields every year and taking care of small animals such as chickens, rabbits, turkeys and geese . And work in the fields and harvest the fruits of each season .
Honestly, my family and I prefer to live in a much better rural environment than the city.
I am Mister Zerzour Abdelouahab from Algeria, my curriculum vitae is attested by all those who know me and all those who work with me, also married and father of 05 children who study and who have very good marks their age between 15 and 05 years .
I hope to work and give a lot because it made me think that working outside my country is an opportunity for me to develop my skills and give a lot, as well as a better life.
For me, all kinds of work are sacred, especially in the agricultural sector.
Can I find you a job opportunity because I am very interested ?
Greetings to all of you.

z.o.mouna said...
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z.o.mouna said...
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Anonymous said...

What are your hours?