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About Our Farm

Where it all Began:

In the 1920s, Elmer and Ethel Smith lived in downtown Hudson. Looking for the peace of the country, they bought a stately home at the edge of town, surrounded by acres of land. Later, at a time in America when everyone was moving off the farm, their oldest son Henry took a piece of land as his own.
For many years, H.E. Smith & Sons was a dairy farm. Henry married Mary Kayros, who grew up nearby, and there they raised four children: Nancy, Dustin, Tim and Tom. The boys grew up milking cows every morning (and, to hear Tom tell it, walking ten miles uphill to school every day).

In the late 1960s, Henry and Mary realized that Tom's little side-of-the-road vegetable stand was both more profitable and less smelly than cows. The vegetable stand became the main business, and the flowers and garden supplies were here to stay.

When Tom married Tina Vassilakos, they moved in, and the family worked together on the thriving business.

Today, Tom and Tina run the farm with their youngest Dylan and his wife Sam. Their oldest daughter Sharon lives in Medford Mass with her husband and son. Their daughter Marsha has a successful career in Boston theater, but still finds time to help maintain the family homestead. 

Today, the farm stand started by Henry and Mary more than fifty years ago is keeping the agricultural history of Hudson alive and thriving.    

Come by to experience Smith Farm Stand LLC. for yourself!

About Us: Our Farm
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