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A few Updates

Hey everyone, just wanted to pop on for a few updates.

🌽🌽For those of you who have stopped in on a day we have been out out corn for the day due to being  inbetween corn're in luck. We currently have an abundance of butter and sugar corn .  *we do take orders for bushels,we just like at least a days notice to make sure we can fulfill your order. please call or stop in if you need a bushel of corn for a party or even to freeze*

🍅🥒Due to the drought our own tomatoes,green beans, and cucumbers are quickly and unfortunately coming to an end... come get them while you still can!

🎃🏵Pumpkins,and cornstalks,and mums oh my! We have plenty of goodies for your fall decorating needs.

📢 If you want to rep your favorite farm stand or need a gift We also just got a small order in of Smith Farm tanks,tees, and just in time for fall  long sleeve shirts as well as sweatshirts.

We have plenty of other goodies too;come check us out !

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